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    Read it

    Today when I got home the new SURFING (november issue) was in my mailbox. Very informative, interesting volume to say the least.


    It had two very detrimental subjects. First is one on the OBX issue that is currently going on. With the wildlife organization, and public beach access. If this particular issue is won by them, then I'm afraid the restrictions could mushroom to the rest of the coast. This is a sticky situation that I think we all may have to go an extra step to help out the family, being that Surfrider is in a rather grey area (as far as I understand) on this issue. That being said, I do think that Surfider meetings are the place to come together on this. I am a member, and you should be too, but it's becoming clear that just paying the annual fee isn't enough. The rich will win if we sleep during the fire.

    Second, is Kelly Slaters (the REAL KS's) political write-up. A must read. Not only an incredible surfer, but an intelligent man, and I just could not argue with his opinions on our current state.

    I think we are one of the few subcultures that spits in the face of complacency, and we need to keep it that way or else we may lose the beam which we find our balance on.

    Check it out, and say how you feel about it on here...
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