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Thread: where to go?

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    where to go?

    Hey me and my friend are thinkin about hittin the road tommorrow... we're thinkin north/north carolina, what are the chances of us scoring down there for mon. and if they're good does anyone know any spots.

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    Yeah im heading out myself monday morning to catch first light. Looks like the swells going to hit pea island area the most. I'll be checking the visitors center, ferry signs, boiler, s-turns, and i'll have to check rodanthe pier it's been hitting good there recently. Now the swell though each websites predictions completely different but with the lack of waves except for th v-day and the 2nd swell. Worth taking a trip. Hit and go swell so get there early if you go.

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    thanks, we're def. heading down so if anyone sees two guys in a white civic with Maryland tags, feel free to help us out, we'd appreciate it, we don't get down there too often.

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    hey guys, I dont have a whole lot of experience surfing these steep N wind swells down there, but I'm thinking it will prob be best further south avon/lighthouse region.

    Let us know how you make out.

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    I ride rodanthe every swell! and I need a ride tomorrow

    I can meet in Va Beach if anyone is willing to give me a ride down south. Rodanthe should be a nice dumping barrel tomorrow with some decent makable sections and ramps! I really want to go but I have a suspended liscence in NC. Call me.

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    sorry stout... my ride was a no show, and like you I have a suspended liscence. i would've swung by and gotcha but it looks like I'm stuck in the land of flatness another day. good luck gettin there, and if you do get some waves for me.