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    How to Teach your Girlfriend to Surf

    Hey kids. I am interested in teaching my girl to surf. I am sure many of you will tell me various reasons why not to. This is not what I am soliciting. I am a grown ass man and have made the decision to teach my girlfriend to surf.

    That being said, I taught myself to surf when I was 12 or 13, slowly progessed from shortboard to funboard back to shortboard and have not spent much time on logs. I dont have any issues with loggin it... i just prefer my fish.

    That being said, I want to get her started the right way... probably with a sizable soft top... for safety sake.

    That being said, She is a smart girl. I want to describe the physics of surfing to her which I am confident in my ability to relay and her ability to comprehend.

    That being said, what tips might you guys have for her?

    That being said, what tips might you have for me?

    That being said, thank you for your thyme.

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    Is she genuinely wanting to learn by her own choice or are you trying to convince her to learn? This matters in what approach you're going to take.

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    My wife won't listen to a thing I say so I'm no help. Watch your tone of voice. Make sure she surfs topless. I'll be at 14th st. this weekend I'll look for ya'll.Goode lucky

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    Trendy rashguard

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    Wait or find the warmest water you can.
    Get her a warm wetsuit if you can't.
    7-to-9' softtop.
    Beachbreak at low tide on small days. Something with very crumbly waves with a long runout and lots of whitewash. Unless there's a rivermouth or something with a really small clean line that's totally uncrowded.
    Stay away from other people.
    Practice pop-ups on the beach.
    Push her into the first few.
    Have her paddle and belly-ride a couple.
    Then paddle and pop-up.
    Some surf-related fun couples thing afterward, like burritos at a surf shack.

    Make it a positive experience and she'll want to keep doing it.

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    bang her relentlessley on the surfbort. tell her to make u a sandwhich. lesson concluded

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    bang her relentlessley on the surfbort. tell her to make u a sandwhich. lesson concluded
    ^ Boss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    beat me to it