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Thread: Number nine

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    i'm a Taj burrow and Chris Ward fan myself, but i think kelly will stay on tour one more year, whether he'll win our not???... it's about time ole Parko wins a title.. otherwise he may be nick-named 'mr. 3rd place' ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieInOC View Post
    He has said that if he gets 9 he would have to go for 10. I think he will and he stands a damn good chance of getting it. Whether you like him or not you can't argue the fact that he still sets the standard by which everyone else is judged. He's earned every score he's gotten this year and in past years. No one else has the complete package like him; the skill, the mental ability, the consistancey, and the fact that he's a great role model for the kids. GO KELLY I'M HOPING THAT YOU GET # 10.
    Yeah...he will go for 10 and lose.....Yes..... the judges are in his favor...he's the best surfer in the world. I know this man. I don't think he has earned every score he has gotten at all....and if you have watched some of his comps you would know that's not a secret.. He is a complete package that is slipping out of his prime.....Honestly...He will rip for the rest of his life...but, he's getting old...imagine what his knees must feel like or his neck...or back. Younger kids stepping up to the plate now it only a matter of time...and that time is now.

    Like I said he will always rip and is a total role model and i respect his surf abilities...But, I am no Kelly Slater fan..........(he's a bandwagon surfer)...haha