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    Quote Originally Posted by CMck View Post
    Wow Barry, much Love, but you got bad vibes. I highly doubt you have 12-14 wetsuits to begin with. There's nothing stopping you from rinsing them in fresh water prior to drying them either. I rinse mine after the beach too! If you don't need the product, cool. But you're definitely giving off some bad vibes here. We're going to keep letting people know about our product. It's a forum and we're bringing a new product to people's attention. A lot of bacteria can build up if you don't dry them. Peace and much Love Brother.
    Freedom of speech is very much valued around these here parts. You should be thanking Barry for his honest opinion. A little advice if you want to sell to the East Coast, stop using good vibes terms and dont talk down to potential customers (who have been surfing their whole lives) by playcating them about how we never knew about bacteria growing in a wetsuite.

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    o barry...versus making money off of Rx?

    OP, it's an interesting product. Looks like you put a lot of thought into the design. I guess if you live 20+ minutes from your break and you can rinse it at the beach (shower off etc, which is not always the case and barry makes a good point on drying with the salt water still present). It just does not seem practical to me. I like to rinse well each time and hang dry. I could see a use in certain instances for that certain surfer with the proper set up. I guess if you rinse first and "blow dry" it's better than hanging for hours and hours to dry. What is the cost (to produce each unit) and how much do you anticipate it going for retail?

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    I reset my password just so I could reply to this...

    1. Mesh does not protect you from UV rays from sun. wetsuits are plastered with warnings not to dry them in the sun.

    2. I own a silver civic (least or second least absorbent color right?) and it heats up enough in the summer to where I'd be surprised if repeated use did not melt or warp a suit pre-drive or in traffic.

    3. Owning a civic I have had to strap boards to the roof using a "soft rack." It is a pain in the a$$ and appears fairly incompatible with this product. My take away is ride less volume and stash board in car, fear about losing $h!t off the top of the car less, and get to a shower faster and begin drying in AC/heated air with low moisture.

    4. California is the exception rather than the rule on bathrooms at surf spots with fresh water showers. Salt water is how my wetsuits are transported home... I cover them and throw them right into the shower when I get home.

    I appreciate the sentiment behind this product but after watching this video I would suggest riding more volume, splurge on more animated bacteria, keep advertising to non-surfers, but keep thinking about how to actually solve this problem in a way that surfers, not nerdy surf yuppies looking for a new roof wind sock, might do it.

    Call these negative vibes, but this is a forum not an ad platform. You can advertise... but I can give clear, public feedback, just as easily.

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    What kinda crap is this homo spam bot selling? This is allowed but the word f@ggot isn't.

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    This is insanely silly.
    Good luck...and good vibes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMck View Post
    This is definitely compatible with most roof racks. Whether you have a surf board on it or not. Riding less or volume isn't an issue, because it's compatible with long and short boards. I live in San Diego and have a green truck and have not experienced any damage to my wetsuits over the past three years while testing them. I didn't call your message negative vibes, some of the other ones for sure though. It's all about intention behind what they're saying. I'm sure if you check the beginning of the thread you'll see what's up. I appreciate the feedback. In terms of a pain in the a$$, this is pretty easy and quick to use. No more difficult than throwing a board on the roof of a car. Thanks for your feedback!
    Is the bag UV resistant in any way? My wetsuit has a warning against letting it dry in the sun or has your product research revealed that letting something dry on the way back from the beach in the sun is less damaging than leaving a partially wet wetsuit to dry for 6-12 hours in shade?

    Is there any room for improvement on from the wetsuits themselves that companies could make that would make such an invention a short term fix?

    Having owned a flashbomb advertised as "The fastest drying wetsuit" there is clearly a problem to solve. I like the ingenuity but am not yet sold for the above reasons.

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    The bag should say KOOK on the side. That is how you move 1,000,000 units.

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    I smell patchouli......

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    Really bad idea. Just flat out dumb.

    For starters, there's similar products out there that are way more practical. I got this thing called a "hangair". Basically a big fat thick hanger with a fan. Get home, throw suit on, it's dry very quickly. No need to worry about traffic or take the long way home just so i can dry my suit. 20 min for a 3/2? So ill be driving for what like any hour for a 5/4.

    There's not even a need for the hangair i have. Never would of bought it myself. That's what multiple suits are for. But it was a present and does work great/fast. Also got a bootie and glove dryer. Works amazing also. Again another present.

    Both are way more practical and realistic then relying on driving to dry my suit. Your idea sucks. Back to the drawing board with you. Or just get a real job. Which ever you prefer

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    What is the big deal aboot just hanging your suite to dry? If you need to get back out again soon then keep an extra suite around. I'd bet that just aboot everybody here has several suites. Sure beats driving around with my soggy suite in a mesh sack on the roof of my car.

    This seems like another one of those solutions to a problem that doesn't really exist.

    Peace and love and all that mumbo jumbo.