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    Surfing the eclipse

    Its turning into eclipse overload on the tv. I guess Oregon and S Carolina will get total darkness, still too early to guess on swell, but if there is any it would make for a cool pic. I wonder if the tides will be affected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manik View Post
    I wonder if the tides will be affected?
    Yes, with the moon and sun in "complete" alignment (to produce the eclipse) the high tides will be a bit higher and the low tides a bit lower than any other time of year, but only slightly higher/lower than the normal spring tides. Like an inch or two more, so nothing extraordinary.

    It will be fun to be surfing during the eclipse, or just out on the beach. I remember being on the beach for a near total eclipse a long time 90% eclipse...the combination of a darkening sky in the middle of a cloudless day, and the cool breeze that came up, was disconcerting and eerie in a cool way.

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    I was on the big island for a partial eclipse in the early 90's, it was eerie. The birds all stopped chirping, I remember that pretty well. get some pics Mitchell, hope it stays clear your way.

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    I'll be surfing most likely, provided there are waves.

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    Looks like it'll hit Folly at about 3:00pm. Forecast call for rideable surf?