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    Headed directly West for now. West. West.
    Not Northwest.
    For now....useless, unless you go to PR....
    Hey...great idea!!!!!! I'm so smahhhttt!!!

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    Hope this doesn't turn into the Major Hurricane NC is apparently due for..

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    12Z models for Irma.

    12Z GFS has Irma staying north of the Caribbean, but a hurricane by this Saturday, and recurving, but gets very close to Bermuda September 10th as a major hurricane.

    12Z Euro has it a Hurricane on Sunday also, clips the Northeast Caribbean islands as cat 2/3 next Wednesday, Over the VI and Puerto on Sep 7 as a major hurricane, and continues through the Southeast and Central Bahamas as a major 0n the 8 & 9th where the model run ends.

    HWRF and HMON keep it north of the Caribbean islands."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezyChavez View Post
    I think it's coincidence, but there always seems to be surf on 9/11, including 2001. I remember lots of stories of guys who worked at WTC and called out to surf, possibly saving their lives. Sorry to veer off topic, it just popped in my head....
    There was a picture, which no longer seems to be floating around the internet, which was of guys surfing at Sandy Hook, with the burning towers in the background. The New York skyline is very visible from Sandy Hook.

    My then roommate was surfing on the morning of September 11th, though he was at Belmar and then at the inlet in Manasquan. He was saying that he pulled up in Manasquan after surfing Belmar first, probably just minutes after the first plane hit. He didn't know what was going on at the time. Then heard at least an hour later that planes had hit the twin towers, from some guys who were in the lineup.

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    Betty- How worried should we be about this track?? Looks very bad for a lot of the Eastern Seaboard-

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    My oh my.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAMasshole View Post
    Betty- How worried should we be about this track?? Looks very bad for a lot of the Eastern Seaboard-
    Too soon to know. We got the Bermuda High system and the new wave in GOM to take into account. But mom says to get your batteries, tarp, water and canned goods now, just in case. My gut says this could be very bad from NC on north. Major population centers, low lying homes and industry. Let's hope the recurve model holds true...especially since FEMA Is tied up in Texas.

    This from
    "Irma overnight runs:

    6Z GFS Hurricane later today, maintains it, keeps it north of the Caribbean, cat 3/4 landfall near outer banks on Sep 10th.

    0Z Euro, over Northeastern Caribbean, PR, on Wednesday, cat 2 hurricane, just north of Hispaniola by Friday, riding northern coast of Cuba at the end of the run on the 10th.

    CMC misses Caribbean to the north,

    GEFS Ensembles the majority of runs recurve, (good news)

    Euro ensembles closer over the Bahamas, though.

    Splitting the difference keeps it a threat to the US in play, ne Caribbean also. Still a long ways out, but it will be important to watch over the next week or two. The wildcard is the potential Gulf system, which could affect the track of Irma.

    Both Euro and the GFS trended west.

    If it were to affect the US, timeframe would likely be Sep 10-12th. "

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    Good stuff, thanks Betty!