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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Cuda View Post
    If you drink Juice of Salsaparilla you will never get sick!!
    I send you 1 bottle; you send me $1000 American Dollah!!
    Cured for life. No need doctah!!
    Sign up now!!
    Mouse Milk work mo bettah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Cuda View Post
    Surf on the Finger Lakes???
    Nah... but the sailing is good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Nah... but the sailing is good!
    The finger lakes are like race tracks for sailboats

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    I can honestly say that I may have participated in said "circle jerk".
    Do people get banned or infracted for inappropriate language, hazing, trolling, hijacking in said "circle jerk"
    For this I feel dirty and ashamed; yet somewhat loyalistic to the cause.

    Hey... how about that Donald Trump...huh? Talk aboot jerks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by davedingus View Post
    Oh and my health insurance premiums increased 33% this year. Thank jebus that health insurance is a right for everyone in this great country of ours.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by World B Free View Post

    P.S. I think that if we all can just keep our pants on, it is officially not a circle jerk.
    :uts pants back on::
    ****s not bad. Just spent a week in NJ with the family for my big bros wedding.
    Scored jenks 3 hours after landing. Back in SD and took a PTO day. Hopefully get some waves. Buoys 4.3 @11. Might be Goode.

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    Life is good for me. Just wish I could get a little more sleep. Iím up in Canada on business, which is a common occurrence for me.

    Could use some more surf, but I need more than one day off per week for that!

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    hey bubs. life is good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by me tard View Post
    hey bubs. life is good.

    Not bad. Havent been surfing much. Too far from the water and grad school is my life. Just trying to stay positive...