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Thread: 3/2 Winter

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    If you're worried about money, buy an old winter model in late spring. Can get an old model Xcel 5/4/3 for like $150-200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseySurfRat89 View Post
    with billabong wetsuits..theyre cheaper than ever(which is really good for me right now) but i dont know about the quality, durability and flexability..if anyone has one or has used or has a buddy with one please give me a little info on how they are...(ive surfed oniell my whole life and never tried anything else..the oniell is too small)
    to answer your question, i dont like them. i thought i did, i got the billabong revolution 3.2 and its comfortable and warm. it has a little back zip and a front zip, which is a pain in the ass because its vel-cro and if you dont put this vel-co protector on when your not using it, it sticks to everything, and when you take it off the vel-cro messes up the rest of the wetsuit. also the wetsuit flushes when i duck dive, and the zipper goes into my neck sometimes which is very uncomfortable. but the most annoying thing about it is that the neoprene around the ankles and wrists stretched from putting on and taking off that a lot of water comes in the suit, and i have to like empty it every 5 min. that was the first of the revolution model, maybe the new model is better i dont know. i know this is a really detailed comment, but the wetsuit was pissing me off..ha..moral of the story, i'm gonna stick with oneill, ripcurl, xcel, and also hyperflex which i enjoy.

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    ive rocked a 3/2 for a few winters its not bad i didnt have a hood so multiple duck dives would have ya throwing up with bad ice cream headaches just make sure ya wear warm 5mill mitten gloves and nice booties and u should last

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    a 3/2 is doable til Christmas if the fall isn't too cold. after that no way. you can't get wet for any decent amount of time in the core winter months with one. get a hyperflex amp 5/4/3 (cheap but good)

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    DO billabongs tend to be colder than others

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    i have a new 3'2 rip curl fireskin if your looking to purchase one. Size medium. Let me know.

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    I currently have a 3/2 but thanks

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    not a good idea. the wind makes you a lot colder than you think especially coming out of the water in the winter months.

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    I heard in the winds that Billabong is buying XCel to obtain their wetsuit technology.. cause their own suits are lacking.

    Patagonia is supposed to make some awesome suits, but it may prove difficult to actually find a shop that is stocking them. I would be hesitant to buy a suit w/o trying the thing on.

    As far as the 3/2 goes it could work in the winter on sunny days.. its when its overcast and windy that brings out the hawk. I used a 4/3 core last year and was fine, but I am shopping for a 6/5/4 hooded so I can be toasty even if an iceberg floats by.

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    its all relative...

    I surfed all last year with a 3/2 then for jan/feb/march bought a 3mil hood/vest combo and I thought it was fine.

    I also bought a 1mil longsleeve for my trip to the west coast and I ended up surfing with that every session back home for the reason being that warmer is better.

    bottom line is that if you dont know any better and you think you can make it, a 3/2 will last you the winter. but the reality of it is that you will be much better with atleast a 4/3 hooded

    winter is all about being a cheap or used wintersuit