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    hey i'm headin up to the obx from wb this weekend.i hav a ****y 3.2, a warm 4.3, and a thermal top. with the water temp and the air temp both factored in, what should i use? thanks

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    3.2 or less, like maybe sleeves or spring suit depending upon the air temps. The water is still holding up pretty well.

  3. thanks man

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    Water temps are holding, but most of the day there is a chill in the air. Can't go wrong with a 4/3

  5. yea i'm in debate cuz i'm pretty sure my 3.2 wont fit, and it sucks anyway. i hav an oneil mutant 4.3 i could use but idk if that'd b too toasty. and i hav a 1 mil thermal