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    Fall/Winter Wetsuit advice needed

    I know this has been asked before...sorry... I really need help though

    I am an ex bodyboarder who only has an Oneil 3/2 and a very thin light hood that can go with that. The suit is a little bit large on me (its a M and I am a MS) but for water temps in the 60s it still works for me. I also have a pair of 3mm gloves, and 3mm booties along with 6.5mm (basically 7).

    I have yet to decide if I will surf in the winter because I'm usually away snowboarding, but I might and there is a good chance if it's not too bad (meaning me getting cold). I get cold easily. I definitely want to surf into November, and start up again in March/April...that much I do know.

    That all said, I was thinking at first to get a 4/3 to take into November and March/April. I can also get a separate hood if I need it. Then buy a second suit, a 5/4 with attached hood for the winter if I go then. However I have been told to just get the 5/4 and that it would be alright to jump from a 3/2 to 5/4. I was told I could wear the 5/4 in the Fall and early spring. I'm a little worried though that I might be too hot in it unless it's the middle of the winter? Is it bad to jump right from 3/2 to 5/4?

    I am also wondering about what suits are good. I have some options and opinions are appreciated. Cost is a small factor, I don't want to go crazy with the price.

    Quicksilver Syncro
    Ripcurl Classic
    Rip Curl Fireskin
    Quicksilver Ignite
    Hyperflex Amp (this seems like the best deal to me)

    Oneil Mutant (might be too expensive but it does have the removable hood)
    Billabong Foil steamer (only 50% stretch but great price)
    Body Glove Fusion
    Hyperflex amp (once again the best deal I's 10 dollars more than the 4/3 though so why get both?)

    Any help/advice/tips you can give is REALLY appreciated. Thanks!

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    hyperflex amp 4/3
    oneil mutant 5/4

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    If you do a thread search, this subject has been discussed in detail. The most important aspect of wetsuit selection is proper fit. The best suit won't work for sh*t if it is to big.

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    However I have been told to just get the 5/4 and that it would be alright to jump from a 3/2 to 5/4 your money on the 4/3 - get a decent sealed-seam 3/2 and then buy a 5mm. (hood attached) for the cold stuff. I hear good things about Hyperflex, but i am completely sold on xcel infinity suits. yes they cost more. I know there's other opinions out there, but this plan has worked for me for the last 15 or so winters.

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    Well i know from experience that the last thing you want to ruin a gnarly sesh is chilly bones. I've been so cold wearing less then par wetsuits that no bowl of chunky was bringing warmth back. My advice is step it up to 7mm everything. Who cares about flexability if your so cold your limbs feel like they may snap off? Or just skim and your on the beach 75% of the time. Whoop Whoop!

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    7 mil ha are you kidding me you shouldnt be so cold your limbs feel like there gonna fall off in a 5, getting a 7 is pushing the limits man dont do that

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    Once again the choice is simple if you surf in very cold water like I do here in long Island the way to go is a 6/5 and purchase the best one you can afford. I have a excel 5/4 infinity with hood and I can go for about 3 hrs before I get numb in Feb and March I have had it for 3 winter seasons and it is in excellent condition the fit is fantastic. You dont want to play game with your life if you get pulled out by a rip current and have to spend 5 hr before they rescue your ass dont you want to be warm at least. Go cheap on the spring suit and splurge on the winter suit!

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    Get A Xcel infiniti in a 4/3 or a 5/4 they are better than anything else

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    Quote Originally Posted by btownrevel View Post
    Get A Xcel infiniti in a 4/3 or a 5/4 they are better than anything else
    fully agree. XCEL suits have no back the water wont flush through the weak point at the back of the hood. Although I am sure that other brands are using the same technology....I am a creature of habit with XCEL

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    I go from a 3/2 to 5/4...on average I make the switch at about 50

    don't skimp on the winter suit, it's not worth the savings