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    throw those little nasties in your sleeve...

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    RobO3345 Guest

    Forget Pockets

    A few energy bars can take up some substantial room if we're talking about somethign that is supposed to be skin-tight, which wetsuits are. Current models do not include pocket-sizes that can accommodate anything other than keys or small scrapers (not even enough room for wax in mine!), and I can't conceive of them ever offering the sort of capacities you are after. I'd advise going a different route. This may sound weird but you can get one of those military pistol belts at a military surplus store, which won't slip off when you wipeout because they have suspenders on them. You can buy a little pouch that attaches to them, which will have plenty of room for bars and even, maybe, one of those little water bottles (I'm guessing those bars need a little liquid to help wash them down). Now, Since they also have metal clips that could be dangerous for the old board contact, but if having little snacks to keep your blood sugar up while your out in the water is pretty crucial, i think you could manage to keep the damage to a minimum.