As you can see, the wind is a little strong this morning. I never thought global warming would have this much effect on the weather.

SKY: Overcast
AIR TEMP: 55.0 F
WIND: NE @ 306 kts
OCEAN TEMP: 67.1 F [?]
This Ocean Temperature is taken from derived Satellite and Buoy data. This temperature is a good indication for water temps several miles off the coast, and may vary from the temperature at your beach. Temperature Biases are strongest during cold water upwelling events where temperatures at your beach may be several degrees colder.

TIDES Click here for 5 day tide chart
High Tide: 11:39 AM Low Tide: 5:09 AM
Weather Station: KOXB Wind Station: DIRL
Updated: Oct 19, 2008 7:07 AM ET