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    xcel x-flex

    hey guys... thinkin about buying an xcel x-flex for my next suit. i have a body glove LT which is small now and doesnt let my booties or gloves stay underneath

    im 6'4" 185 and i heard xcel tends to fit taller. just wondering what everyones thoughts were and if the x-flex is a good suit to invest in for the money. i can get it for about $130

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    I've worn an XFlex for the past 1.5 seasons and its still in great shape. I'm usually warm enough, but I don't have any other experience to base it on. I payed just under that for it and definitely feel like it was worth the money.

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    northendsurf Guest

    Xcel wetsuits

    Xcel wetsuits are by in my opinion the best on the market. Xcel has the wetsuit contract for the US Navy Seals. I have a top of the line ripcurl 3-2 and an o’neal 4-3. I feel that the Xcel 4-3 is much warmer and more flexible. They do tent to run a little tall. I got a good deal on mine at Green Room in Wilmington last year. Good luck.

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    Talking Mutant!!

    6'4 185lbs, I swear you were talkin about me, except im a little taller. I have wanted an Xcel for years but they do not seem to fit me very well. I called around a bunch of shops and talked to Tony B at Sweetwater in WB and he gave some good choices. Luckily they had a LT Oneill Mutant on the rack and that fit me very well. No complaints at all. The Xcels did fit me a little short in the legs and arms, and was big in the back and shoulder regions. I guess I need to shrink and beef up to get into an Xcel. In any case, try it on, it cant hurt. Dont forget to walk around, stretch, and pretend to paddle to get a good idea of how it fits!!