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    Thumbs up Ya.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wavetucker View Post
    For less than half the $$$$ you can make an even better device at home depot or lowes...and it will last twice as long. Buy a small 8" clip-on fan and some pvc, and in 10 minutes walla! If you want exact details email me, as I've done it for myself and several friends. On the flip side, if you can't cook toast, pay the 50 bucks!
    haha...i like this one the most for shore....

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    rinse it and hang it correctly immediately after surfing.
    hang it outside in the breeze or if it's too cold out hang it inside in a well heated area.
    then just keep turning it inside out and back over and over.
    i hang mine on a hanger inside out and let it drip dry and i put it in my bathroom with the heat on and its pretty dry in about 2-4 hours jsut depends if i rinse it off after a session but if im going back out later i dont rinse it and let it dry and after the final sesh rinse it good with wetsuit cleaner.