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Thread: Matuse Wetsuits

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    yo man i like any suit i can scruch my d*** into! but whatever i only go out when its atleastly head high
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    Quote Originally Posted by JMD View Post
    No offense to anyone who loves Rip's suits but I hate them. Talk about short shelf life...

    Anyway my number 1 suit right now is Hotline. Made in the USA, last forever, worm as hell with useing less rubber, stretchy, price is about right. Check them out great suits. I for one want to try one of those Matuse suits thought just to expensive right now.

    Had to plug. Just stoked on their suits:

    Wow, have not been to the site in a long time. Check out the clearance prices on suits...

    do you honestly like the suits??there nice and flexible.??..i mean at 99 bucks for a 5 4whats the catch?

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    I find Xcel to be plain, simple, and consistent. I would definitely go with Xcel. I don't know the price comparison but I do know that it's not outrageous.

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    I work at a shop and the ripcul H-bomb comes in 3/2 and 4/3. We are only getting 4 of the suits in 4/3. K-coast isnt a dealer. Liquid is da only one on the eastern shore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgnsup View Post
    I cannot comment or review those..but why wouldn't you just go with a brand that is known for their wetsuits such as Xcel, West, Quiksilver etc.
    I think Matuse pretty much only makes wetsuits. never tried one, what i've read is that they have mind blowing flexibililty, comfort, each is custom fit for each customer (you send them like 20 measurements, then they build the wetsuit) the trade off for such light materials is they lack durabililty and have to be taken care of meticulously. Out of my price range for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    And very limited quantities. My guess is K-coast may get a few and that's it.
    I don't think there are any H-Bomb distributors setup in MD or DE yet. You'd have to go to VA or NJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wbsurfer View Post
    just so you know the h-bomb is trully a 3/2 but it has different heating levels 1st one is like bieng in a 3/2 next is like being in 4/3 and finally the next level is like warmer than a 5/4/3 since it was tested in the arctice circle. thats what i learned from the rip curl website.
    The site states that "As a general rule, you should be able to wear a H-Bomb wetsuit that is 1mm thinner than your conventional non-heated wetsuit(and feel toasty warm at the same time)."
    There are 3 different settings for the battery, but it more relates to how long you're going to be surfing. i.e. 1 hrs, 2 hrs or 2 hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseySurfRat89 View Post
    do you honestly like the suits??there nice and flexible.??..i mean at 99 bucks for a 5 4whats the catch?
    Hell ya.

    I actually only used to use Rip Curl and Excell, I also have a few O'niels. A few guys from CA where crazy about the Hotline suits. I like to try a lot of different things when it comes to equipment and I never heard of Hotline.

    Ever since I started using the Hotlines I never looked back. I am still using the same 3/2 from 3 years ago durability is probably the best I have ever had. Flex is on par with any suit out there. The difference I notice in them is that in a 3/2 it is as warmer my 4/3 Rip Curl so i am able to rock a 3/2 later into winter before I start thinking about busting out the 5mil.

    The deal with the 99 bucks for the 5/4 is because it is clearance, check out the prices for the normal line. They are around $300 - $500. Hotline usually does a huge weekly sale during holiday season and prices are cut massively but this is not the sale.

    maybe they are just lower tech suits from last year or the year before, so that is why they are marked down so much and are in the "clearance" section.

    No matter what you can't beat 99 bucks for a 5/4 when I saw that price my jaw dropped.

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    I work at a shop in oc and we are the only ones getting them in town. K coast is a dealer also but I do not believe they are getting any in. The 3/2 is going to retail for $1000 and the 4/3 is $1100. We had a demo tour come in and show us all the gear, cool idea but it needs to be refined before its giong to catch on

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    Yeah i heard the Rip Curl has a pretty detailed manual of how to get into the thing because the heating elements are so flimsy.