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View Poll Results: Why do you surf here?

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  • #1- This is a Bodyboarding website

    5 9.43%
  • #2- This is a Surfing website

    16 30.19%
  • #3- It's both, so just shut up about it!

    30 56.60%
  • #4- All the trash talk is what makes it all worth it. I want to hear more!

    11 20.75%
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Thread: Which is it?

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    May 2008
    Lower, Slower DE

    Which is it?

    With all the trash talk that flys round here about what this website really is, I just want to see what people really think:
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    May 2006
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    This is not a very mysterious question. It is a surf forecasting web site. Its not a bodyboading web site, it is not a stand-up surfing only web site. If you want to know what the upcoming surf will be, you come to Swellinfo. The surf community is for everyone who wants to share their thoughts and experiences. From the start, I had inspiration to create a great way for wave riders to interact, and the process of creating this is just starting.

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    i come here for the chicks...

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    Quote Originally Posted by kelly slater View Post
    i come here for the chicks...
    are you the reall 9x asp world champion or some kook that thin ks it would be funny to use someone elses name for your swellinfo account?

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    i just wanna be cool and fit in, ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelly slater View Post
    i come here for the chicks...
    This reminds me, from Details:

    Mr. Rebound
    Kelly Slater; Age: 35
    Being a world-champion surfer has always been near the top of the list of male fantasy careers, but Kelly Slater has ridden the enviable profession to new heights. Post-Leo Gisele BŁndchen, post-Justin Cameron Diaz (itís been speculated), and post-Leo Bar Refaeli (not to mention post-Tommy Pam Anderson) all ran straight into Slaterís bronzed arms. With no apparent effort, Slater continues to lure top-notch girl after top-notch girl to his surfing hideouts for the kinds of short, sweet trysts those Entourage guys can only dream about. The cherry on top of Slaterís sundae? Nothing ends messily. Everybody stays friends, and he gets to catch the next wave.

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    Micah said it all, this is here for forecasting waves. Micah bodyboards as do I but we respect those who respect.

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    as real as it gets

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    im here for the gang bang....

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    Yeah boi, I'm here for the PARTYYYYYYY!!!!!! ...where's the beer?......