I was interested in your post and the points you were making until I read the last two lines and all went to nil.

To the last few people who have posted: Do you know what The United States of America was founded on? Do you know what The Constitution states?

I don't know where you are from but where I am from there are too many families that have no motivation to go out and MAKE a living. They get their check from the gov every month and the sick thing is they live in nicer houses and drive newer/nicer cars than me! Obama says he will give a tax CREDIT to over 90% of the population, what he doesn't tell you is that almost 45% of the population doesn't pay income taxes! That means, when you graduate from college and get a job and work hard and save your money for YOUR family, you will be essentially writing out a check to that family around the corner who has no motivation to go out and make a living. Yet, they still keep having children they can't afford and their children's children are starting to have babies that THEY can't afford. There are families in this country that are THIRD generation wellfare!

Now, I believe in helping people out when they are in need. Help them get back on their feet. But when the gov takes money from my paycheck and GIVES it to these people who have NO intention of getting back on their feet, I have a problem with that and you will too when you see how much you pay in taxes once you start your career. And for those of you who already have an established career, how can you sit back and agree with the spending that Obama has planned for us? All that spending with tax cuts? Not possible! Something will give and I gaurantee it will be us!

His infomercial the other night is a precursor to the type of spending that he will impose on this country. If you know anything about economics then you know that, within a recession, if you raise taxes and "spread it around" to all the people who are on wellfare then you push the recession into a depression and that's a fact for anyone who has studied The Depression. Let those people go out and get a job, start a small business, become and entrepreneur, it's called free enterprise, not free money! That is what this country is founded on isn't it?