Though Obama does have some disconcerting acquaintances it isn't the main issue in this election. These people will not have a major impact if he is elected.

The main issue of this election is the economy. When the economy crashed around a month ago it almost locked Obama up the election.

Obama's economic plan is highly flawed. If all of his entitlement plans were put into place in the next 4 years it would cost the U.S. 2 trillion dollars. We do not have this money and it would sink us into a greater national debt. His tax plan is even worse. I don't mind the overall idea of helping the poor but this plan would hurt the middle class. His plan calls for the corporate tax to increase almost 20%. If companies are taxed more it will hurt everyone. Most companies will be forced to downsize if they want to stay in profit. Also, it will force many companies to move out of the country so they can operate with less taxes. Even worse consumers may well have to pay more for products to make up for the tax increases. Surf board companies will need to change there approach. They will either raise the already super high sticker price on a board or cut back on developing technology to make boards and wetsuit better. How are companies going to give you a raise or higher new people if more money is taken from their bottom line. In this economic time we need companies to gain more freedoms so they can grow and higher more people. If Obama is elected it will be highly unlikely to enact this legislation because the country will realize it won't work.

I am voting for John McCain.