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    what about the people that can work and choose to mooch off the government? can't lump everyone in together and say "these people suck...they are poor and i want your money"...or i want them to be taxed more than me. Look at the wealthiest people in America...are they that way because they got lucky? no...they worked hard...Donald Trump...holy ****...a genius American..took what he knew and used it to his advantage to make billions upon billions... You know what you call when the government makes people that have lots of money give tons of it away??? can't hate other people just because they have money. The means to do so are out there. Thats what makes where we live great. Our country was founded on poor people that eventually got sick of being poor. Yea there are people that "fall into" money and get lucky and then there are people who really try hard...on the same hand you have people who try really hard not to be dirt poor and wind up middle class and then you have people that don't give a **** and just live on welfare...thats not american...we need to take responsibility for our own actions...worry about your own fiscal responsibility and stop passing the buck on others. Our economy rests our the shoulders of the American people...not the government. The sooner we realize that the sooner we will be back on track.
    Untrue during this day and time. Fact is, it is what it is, it is failed economic policy over the past eight years, need I really get in to the war cost factor as well. Sure the credit crunch was faulty on both parties, to point the finger at one is just flat out stupid. How long ago was it that McCain and Bush said our fundamentals were strong in the economy, like 2 months ago, what a joke. Where was Bush's economic panel during this time, while the lower and middle class were barely able to buy gas and meals. Big govt is what the country needs right now, funny how conservatives still live in the Reagan era, the world has changed in 20 years and the system works a little different. Another thing the belief they have in less govt trips me out, what do you think Bush did in the past 4 years, with"free market" by nationalizing the banking, insurance and automotive industries..oh, wait GW's economic policy was responsible for that. And this is what you want?

    Now the tax policy's are a bit ominous, but to give a tax break to companies like Exxon Mobile(OPEC) under Mccain:

    The prices are coming down, but they will still make record profits. Do you realize how much of that money we could spend on several programs to boost the economy, infrastructure, etc. I am trying to find a good article that breaks it down and will post it shortly.

    I do feel that the 250 k and above tax increase under Obama is a little much, but we are in tremendous Debt people, this money doesn't come out of our butts, we have to pay it back to places much like China. So they have to suffer for a short period of time to stabilize the economy and esp. get the middle class spending again to get the machine working properly. Palin,cmon, thats hilarious. Dont beat a dead horse is what it comes down to, the middle class make up a majority of this country and is getting reemed under failed economic policy. A radical change needs to be in store, seems that Obama has sufficient and very experienced political figures that back him up as well. Smell the coffee, b/c we have completely lost our superpower status and Obama will get us back there.
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    Lightbulb big government

    big government is what got us into this mess...i don't understand how you can possibly say the system works differently... With what you are saying inflation will continue to rise...unemployment will still continue to rise. That is the problem with our country. People like Obama coming in. Buying votes essentially... telling people he will give them more money. Thats the easy way... You need to start from the top...and let it "trickle down". We can debate about this all day and most people will never come off the Obama **** sucking wagon but PLEASE remember what myself and countless thousands are saying...4 years maybe sooner, we are in for the worst economic times our country has ever seen. Stop drawing hateful lines between rich and poor.. work together, Give more power to states so that the people can have an easier time getting done what they want to get done by pressuring their senators and house reps. Get back to the fundamentals of how this great country came about. We are so far away from it we are in trouble of forgetting about it forever, young people need to start crying out for change because we are going to be reaping all the atrocities that are in front of us right now. Tell you state politicians you don't want big government. You don't want to live your life on foodstamps. Tell them you want jobs and want to work...tell them that you cut up your god damn credit cards and went out to the store and bout some fresh vegs from your local farmers and not ate fast food every day....fix yourself before you pass the blame... I have. I have one credit car payments cuz I am responsible paid it off and pay my bills on time...i found a way to do that making 25k a tell me it can't be done... stop being lazy and take responsibility. I'm sorry...i come from a family of debaters

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    First of all... Why did you guys ruin my last form of media untainted by political whining?

    Secondly, Socialism and a welfare state is the best way to ruin people and a country. In a place where everything is given to you, people forget how to get it themselves. When you take the tools out of peoples hands they are reliant on the govt. and get in a cycle of waiting and wanting, not working and getting.

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    your welcome

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    Quote Originally Posted by ledzepfreak View Post
    I agree that welfare is kinda giving the lazy a free-pass, but what if something happened to you, and you ended up on welfare. Anyways, it's against the law to be on welfare your whole life. You have to find a job.

    I agree more with Obama's fiscal plan because he's highering taxes for the rich and Obama doesn't support big oil companies who or too greedy to give a rat's rump about the environment. The rich can afford higher taxes. It effects lower-income families a lot more than high-income. And in our massive financial crisis, you have to raise some taxes, how is the government suppossed to pay back the $9 trillion debt? It's ineveitable, but the rich can afford it.
    dude you need to back off on the politics man. besides i cant vote and i dont care about any of them so what does it matter. also politics make me go to sleep. finally this is a surf forcast bullitien not a politics bullitein so keep these posts talking about surf related stuff.

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    C.a.LefevrePic Guest
    use your brain vote mccain if i went to school for 12 yrs to become a doctor why should i spread my wealth to a crackhead that didnt want to better himself and have 12 kids for me to suport f that .and for the single mother of three where is her baby dady at to support his kids why should i support them f that if america votes obama in iam moving to nicarauga

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    Even if for some stupid reason you do choose to vote for Obama in the 2008 election, there are many problems to his presidency. First of all, he has sealed his birth certifacate so no one can see it and no one knows if he is qualified to be president. Why cant he just show us...dunno? Obama does not have the experience or the patriotism to lead this nation. John McCain knows what it takes to lead the nation and as for patriotism, he served his country. And last but certainly not least, all of the past presidents have sworn on the Bible. What is Obama going to do? Cause swearing on the "koran" just isn't going to work for me.

    NOBAMA 08

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    I don't know about you guys,but I care way more about our planet.

    What's the use of being rich if you can't surf a beach you've known since you were a baby? What about other places threatened by human development. I read somewhere that something as simple as building a few houses on a beach can affect a break because less sand is blown in the water to fill gaps in the reefs making it peel less perfectly. Imagine what our more dastardly conflicts might cause?

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    I go surfing to get away from all of this sh*t and now there is a full on debate in a SURF forum.. way to go guys

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    If ya don't like the thread, comment else where, what the hell is the title man..And surfers discussing politics is aight at times, esp. when it matters with how much money I make and being able to take more surf trips on someone who is in charge of the decision making that directly affects that.

    To comment back on Lphotography, responsibility is exactly something the republicans are having a hard time with , hence the past 8 years. Some are starting to come around:

    And the lame and hilarious statements on Obama birth certificate and koran, you got to be joking... You can tie both candidates to a bunch of BS down the line: But they are not criminals and plan on running the country on terrorism. Gees, lets lay off the pipe a little. Educate yourself on the man before you make elementary statements and fall in to the kilter of filtered media and ignorant negative campaigning. The GOP has set a new low in campaign tactics, lets see how some respond:

    We shall see how a majority of the country feels (the working middle class) on tuesday. Also looks to be swell on Tuesday, verrrry nice, hopefully the lines won't be too long, so I can haul arse to the surf!
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