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    could also be RI, There is plenty of grantite coastline there too. I know for a fact one of those surfline shots was point judith...supposedly the spot to go when it gets big.

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    i ditto thu Maine call...

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    from what i have heard this wave is really fickle

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    NH wave

    its point but only goes off if swell is just right but u got to find it yourself, surfline shots have no clue

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    kayakr Guest

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    It's in Maine. Good luck finding it though, I don't think Sam Boardman is going to let anyone know anytime soon.

    Sounds like the spot you chose to surf in RI was Town Beach. Kind of a last resort place, plenty of nice breaks surround that beach.
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    it's in maine my buddy surfs that break all the time

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    wedge wave cont.

    just stumbled across more footeey uv this wayve on surfline...

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    That wave does not not go looking you will find nothing. That footage on surfline is photo shopped.

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    This is in Essex, Massachusetts
    Ipswich, Massachusetts to be exact..

    google it if you don't believe me