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    Destination Sebastian

    were taking a trip to sebastian were is a good place to go to get some waves .

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    Sebastion inlet

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    hahaha, there are plenty of other waves to the north that get good as well, the inlet is the best bet though

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    sebastian inlet, one of the most consistent and best breaks in florida. And also the most crowded. Just to the north, you have spanish house, and then a little drive to the north there are breaks in Melbourne Beach and Indialantic.

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    i hate florida and cant wait to graduate school this january and get back to the mid atlantic

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    yes mister?

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    depends on the direction of the swell... the north ( park side with facilites) is usually consisitent, but can be busy. If the swell is big enough and coming from the right direction then their is an outside break on the south side "monster hole" that will give you a really looooong ride, many people claim that it is "florida's best"???? Only thing is that it is a bit of a paddle out and it is called "monster hole" not becasue the waves are huge!

    BTW I see your from Miami and I was curious to ask if their is a storm coming up does Cape Florida Park ever break??? as I've been there a bunch of times to hang out with wife and eat at the grill etc I've never really seen any rideable waves but always wonder how it goes with a storm moving the right direction

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    does anyone know what the best conditions are for monster hole? ive only seen it break a couple times but have never paddeled out there cause it looked a little soft. I figured it is best on a north swell on low tide, but am not sure

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    i dont really knw where C.F.Prk is , is that were the lighthouse is at i usaully go to southepointe M.Beach between 1st and 5th st Oceandrive there`s also Haulover beach around 80th street and Collins. during storms its really choppy and disorganize but rideable we make the best of it , its better durring winter