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    Pavones....head high!!! Enough said
    Did you catch it good? I have ridden Pavones at near DBL OH and must say there are better waves. I do love that wave though especially the inside barrel. Most surfers I saw riding it were weak in the knees by waves end.

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    I had a lot of fun in C.R at Dominical. It's not a reef though. I'm heading to Hawaii over thanksgiving so I'll have an update to this thread.

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    a 50 yr storm in australia

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    My favorite surf spot is Rocky Point in Hawaii.

  5. Too many spots come to mind... Cane Garden Bay, Blacks Beach (SCARY big), Cardiff Reef, Swamis, Pipes, Eleuthera, Nosara/Langosta/Negra CR, Pleasure Point, Rincon/Aguadilla PR breaks, The Cove @ The Hook, and ASSATEAGUE under the right conditions....
    Hoping to surf the points of Nova Scotia one day...