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    Strecth Quads???

    Has anybody surfed a Surftech Stretch Quad. Looking to buy one and trying to get some feedback. If you surfed one, what fin set-up did you have and does this board surf the rear foot as well as they say? Looks like the stick has volume, but I am trying to get feedback on how much you way and what size you are riding it? it is tricky to buy because in surftech they jump from 5'11" all the way up to 6'5". "word?"

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    I just ordered the f4. I went 2 inches(6'2'') shorter due to the fact that its a epoxy. I cant wait to get the thing. There on back order cause of the demand. Due a search on google, i found some info on them

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    my friend has one. sick board. they do have a 6'0" or 6'1"....saw it in CBSC

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    I got the ratboy stretch. Its a 6'0 but its not a quad. Its such a sick ass board though, it surfs like a skateboard.