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Please note that some of the grain surfboards interview are a bit tinny – but overall sound quality is good.

00:00 Entry
00:12 Ryan Gerrode
00:37 Mike LaVeccia –
Background – Sailing – surfing.
Building Wood Surfboards.
Comparative wood builders and designers. Methology. Design Development. Sustainability. Material sourcing.

06:18 Keeping Secrets – Pamela Connolly (Irl)

08;54 Mike LaVeccia – PT 2
Ding repair and wood board maintainence
Cost issues. Kit build option. Stopping the mystery.
Overseas orders and looking for distribution.

13;15 – semikit from Roy and Paul Jensens Masterclass in Ireland.

4WFS offer

14:06 Theft of Dale Velzy Templates

15:03 Luther Johnson RIP

15:20 Elijah Mack Pt 1
Family background. Growing up with broken dreams. Dealing with Demons. Upbringing and belief.
Surf Aristocracy family Mickey and Demsey Holder. Kerowac. Ginsberg, influences and counter culture. Open mindedness. Beatnik Era. Contridiction in terms.
Being an outsider against transition. Opinions on SoCal. Punk. Plastic Culture.

20:15 Benjy Ferryee – Dog Killers (This is one for Dempsey Holder)

25:00 Elijah Mack Pt 2
The move to river surfing. The search. Life and its aspects. Finding something new.
Skoocumchuck and Tubesteak. Awe. Love and Fear. Victor Maaher’s passing and the effects/aftermath.
Surfing the Zambezi. Opposition, Ostracism and Opportunity.

30:30 Womens Institute
Dealing with modern issues. The packaging campaign. Positive action. Pointless Packaging. Alternative, compostable or recyclable packaging.
Pressuring supermarkets. Getting results. Lessons for surfers.

37:06 Elijah Mack Pt.3

Why now agree to do an interview with the surf media via podcasting?
(to say Elijah detests mainstream surf media is like saying Stalin had a mild psychotic problem) the truth of editing
Contemporaries in river surfing – Munich – Calgary Crew (ARSA)
The Family – The Foundation. Merryll, Alec-Hurricane-Chance. Life in Oregon. River Surfing.

41:00 Outro - Leave a comment? Want to be a reporter?

42:00 NOFX – The idiots are taking over.

45;15 Credits.

46:17 Collage

46:35 Fin