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    va bch/OBX in august.


    i'm gonna be in VB visiting my old man in august sometime. if there's any swell, where do i go? didn't grow up there, so i don't know what's up. coming from LA, CA and i'd love to paddle out with any of you VB guys. post or hit me with a PM.....


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    welcome to VB will want to surf the 1st jetty...or travel to the outer banks....aug. could get fun

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    yeah, 1st st is the place to go if you like crowded line up full of agro wanna-be pro wave hogs. there's tons of breaks, the problem is finding parking. you gots to get up early to find a prime spot. if you come this far, you gotta go to obx. plenty of uncrowded peaks especially if there's a 4x4.

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    I agree, if you make it this far head south. VB is just not the place to surf on the east coast. Depending on when in August that might be around the time of the ECSC in VB, usually skunked for waves during the contest but a big party.
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    August in VB is usually a no wave month but is also known for the mass quantities of jelly fish.