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Thread: Getaway

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    I'm looking to take a trip to obx. I've been in the water for several years and in several wonderful locations, but have never made it there.Times are tough right now, and I just want to get away from work and family for maybe two days when the right time arises. Money is tight and even though it is freakin cold I will be sleeping in my vehicle or a tent to save $. I will be flying solo, I prefer it that way for this trip.I am looking for places to surf, and places to park and sleep. I know we do not want to give spots away publicly, but if you feel for a brother that absolutely needs a break for personal reasons, please pm me.

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    I've been thinking about this exact same plan for a while now, im going in january when i have some time off. Im gonna borrow a friends suv and retrofit the back with a small matress & and a few camping supplies. Might stay in a hotel for a random day or two if i get disgusted with sleeping in the car.

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    if you're looking for 'real' spots just go to s turns before rodanthe or next to any pier. With the situation you're in, or at least it sounds, I think you would have a lot more fun getting on the beach at one of the truck access points, driving on the beach for a few miles, and finding your own spot.