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Thread: Thur/Fri in PI

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    Yo panicsurf, hope you boys are doing well down there. Might need to role down there and see if I can put up that new webber I got a little while back on consignment. Not sure if you've seen that one, only rode it like one day..Its a sick shape, I just need a little more volume on it to carry 180lbs. Might have to cash in on those velcro secret pocket reef slippers you showed me a while back. Thatd be sweet if you guys carried some of these for those dry periods. The kids would have a hay day with this out there:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricha View Post
    and that is the cold hard truth!!! It is the most fickle surf spot I have ever known. I love PI but wish we pulled more waves for sure. but I guess thats why we are so appreciative when we actually get to surf a decent wave. In PI...when there is waves...everybody is so stoked that there just is not alot of hassling or aggression. yeah there are exceptions but most everyone is cool. it funny cuz when you go to places that pull waves all the time there are so many d!cks in the water. I think I have been pissed off(at people)maybe a handful of times in the 20 years Ive surf PI.....most of the time its bc of parents who(again) send toddlers into the water to try to swim against a rough current....I will never figure that out I guess.......but yes, the surf in PI could be better!!!
    right on. hahaha, that is true bout the parents and some of their kids. I have seen some little kids out there struggggglin on some of those super windy summer afternoons. I notice a bit of them watch them on land like a hawk, once in the water the assumption of undertow and rips are not taken into account.

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    PI has so many top secret spots that break well in different conditions and that why we are so guarded.

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    PFOX is the snake man. he never lets me catch any. Much love to all in and out of the water. hey I want to know that me and my fam are taken care of in PI in case we ever need a hand. You can be sure that Im always lookin out...especially for the kids. (not in the weird way) thanks for the positive response via private message. hope yall got some waves tonight! so whats the verdict for waves....Thursday or friday???

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    we CAN all get along.

    If I haven't said this yet, or enough...I LOVE YOU GUYS! (said as a little tear streams from my eye).

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    hey youd be an emotional basket case like me too if you lived with 4 women. ah shucks now im crying

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    hey ledzep panicsurf is an artist..maybe he can help.

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    this is turning into the pawleys island country club forum, all these old men on here *****ing about a few miles of featureless, ****ty beachbreak

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    Corn-why do you have to even post that ****? You are such a dumb ****! Seriously dude, you are one BIG DUMB ****! If i am never allowed to post on here again because of my poor choice of words, I want my last post to say once again that CORNWAY IS A DUMB, IGNORANT ****.

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    Didnt know it was going to **** me----all those ****rhyme with DUCK/SUCK/BUCK/LUCK/MUCK