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    I'm feeling cynical-

    This has the look of data coming from an environmental organization (with a totally worthy agenda i'm sure). They exaggerate the surfing economy to make the point that we (or CR) don't pay enough attention to protecting the resource (which i'm also sure is true). In this case surfing resources of clean water, surf break preservation, coastal development etc.

    The problem is if i cant believe their economic data, am i sure i can trust their environmental data? I sometimes have the same suspicion about the surfrider foundation, and Sierra Club, both of which i support.

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    any of you guys been to playa santa teresa on the west coast peninsula of costa rica. I'm going Jan 10th

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    I went to CR in either 2005 or 2006 but i wasnt really surfing yet. I was just spongin and sh** so people like that might throw some numbers off. Or the reverse, maybe some kooks said they were surfers but they really werent

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    Quote Originally Posted by pvjumper05 View Post
    2 of my buddies actually just got back from a 2 month stint in costa rica. there may be several guys like them who bump up the averages
    but its unlikely they were spending $122 a day for 2 months