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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    Just like life, there are pieces of trash everywhere, and many have a PH. D. before their name. Never allow yourself to fall for the idea that they know something or even more then you. But never let them know that.


    amen ive had sooooo many teachers with PhDs that think theyre the f*ckin sh*t its sssssoooooooooo god damn annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    ya, agreed. It is like an hour from Philly to Atlantic City. I did a study abroad in Costa Rica - awesome! I recommend anyone with the chance to study abroad to do so... It didn't even cost more than a regular semester.
    I don't remember you telling me you studied in Costa, where?
    I studied abroad for a year down there, definitely study abroad if you can and do it for a year instead of one semester or just a winter term. You will not regret it.