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    Same 5' 8" board

    I am wondering if a 5' 8" performance board, dimensions 17 inches wide and I think 2 1/8 thick is to small for me I weight right around 130 pounds and i am 5' 9" ? Thanks

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    Aug 2008
    monmouth nj
    i would say it mostly depends on your surfing ability, and what type of waves you're using it in.. generally for someone your size, i would say that board is fine..

    im 6'1 - 170lb and i ride a 6'0 18.25 x 2.1.. took a bit to get used to, but the board is so light and fast..

    if you are a complete beginner though i would say step it up to a longer funshape type board and maybe consider something that size as a second board..