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    Longboard the World Web Site - Photos Added!

    I just added more pics from around the world. Our friend, James Woolston from H20 Holidays from Hossegor, France sent in some epic photos from his area. I dug deeper into my photos from a trip I took to Peru in 5/07 and added over 100 pics! In the Peru pics are caballito photos of locals riding these ancient surf craft. I also found some insane shots from surf photo great - Moonwalker from destinations such as Canada, Australia, Bali, and beyond. I stumbled upon a great shot taken by chubbysurf from of an Oregon break and added it to the longboard photo section. Barry Jones had a pic of the late great Dale Velzy riding a kook box at San O circa 1950's which was also added. Another "Somewhere" longboard pic was added from Moonwalker. In my local area of the West Central Florida we've been getting some fun little waves which have been included in the latest photo updates. Last but far from least several new photos were added into the Surf Bunny section! Lot's to check out. Enjoy and stay stoked, Arsen

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    nice video work arsen... i'm trying to get pumped for this solid west groundwell set to blow it up here this weekend. i watched the "pretty damn close" hurricane florence swell in florida and man... awesome stuff. i like the music, the wipeouts, and the way you edited it. entertaining as hell. that wave looks so fat and chunky i'd love to tear into that thing.

    in the beginning of the video the one dude takes off on a so-so looking wave then a couple seconds later it lines up and this fat slab forms over his head and he makes it out of the barrel.... epic....

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    Ride, Yeah the wave in the beginning is unreal. When we arrived at the beach in the morning of the swell I was freaking out at how many barrels were coming through. I've never seen Florida like that day before or after. It's days like those which keep us stoked and looking forward to the next time something like it happens. Thanks for the stoke over the vid!!! I appreciate it! Share the love and tell some buddies about my site.