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    Annc: US Vintage Surf Auction - February 21, 2009

    US Vintage Surf Auction announces the next online auction for February 21, 2009

    Even though we have offices in New Jersey, as well as Hawaii and California, we cater to the world because we are entirely online!

    The First And Only World-Wide All Online Vintage Surfboard Auction

    February 21, 2009 'No Reserve' Auction

    The February 21, 2009 US Vintage 'No Reserve' Surfboard Auction opens for bidding Saturday morning at 8 am (pst) and promises to be the biggest and most exciting vintage surf auction to date.

    For the first time at any vintage surf auction, every single auction lot is being sold to the highest bidder without a reserve! Every few days photos of auction lots will be added to "Pix of the week". Once the auction starts more detailed photos and descriptions will be available on each "Auction Detail' page.

    Offered will be some of the most scarce antique and vintage surfboards to ever be seen at auction. In addition, there will be rare surfing art, statues, trophies, posters, patches, decals, clothing, books, figurines and more.

    Many of the items have very significant provenance attached; like four time World Champion Mark Richards' 1977 Lightning Bolt Gun. Or World champion Jimmy Blear's first place World trophy. How about a large never seen original Rick Griffin art board or an ultra rare three piece surfboard from 1965 by Morey-Pope. There's also a 'lost' set of 10 large photographs of 1940s Malibu Beach with lots of surfboards and surfing taken by Marilyn Monroe's photographer.

    Nearly two dozen antique and vintage wood surfboards make this the largest selection of wooden surfboards to ever be offered in one place. Included are 1910s and 20s solid redwood Hawaiian ala'ia and paipo boards. And 1930s and 40s mixed wood laminate boards made of balsa and redwood. Also Tom Blake models by 3 of the 4 makers of his boards. And a large selection of solid balsa boards from the 1950s.

    The list of 1960s boards is extensive, including more than two dozen model surfboards. And an all star selection of Hawaiian big wave guns. Other significant 60s pieces include World Champion Nat Young's 1969 trophy and a 1961 Surfboards Hawaii rhino chaser, #64 signed by **** Brewer for Henry Mahi.

    Boards from the 1970s include some very significant riders like 1974 Pipeline Master Jeff Crawford's Pipe board. A Lightning Bolt by Gerry Lopez for Surf Movie film maker John 'Orly' Hitchcock. Also a 1970 first place trophy for World Champion Peter Drouyn.

    With over 125 lots totaling more than 200 rare and collectible items all being offered with no reserve, the February 2009 US Vintage Surf Auction will likely be the most thrilling surf auction ever.

    Items available in the February 21, 2009 auction include:

    Vintage Surfing Art and Decor:

    Original 1700s & 1800s copper engravings of the earliest images of surfers and surfing
    An amazing original etching by listed Hawaii artist Huc Luquins from 1918 of Surf-Riding at Waikiki
    A very large, never seen before, signed original by Rick Griffin
    A very rare painting of Duke Kahanamoku surfing Waikiki by Hale Pua / Frank Oda
    An original painting done for a magazine cover art depicting surfers
    A scarce 1920s metal art deco Surfrider girl
    Never seen 1951 Surfrider Lamp
    A large 1940s ceramic Hawaiian girl surfing figurine
    A metal Surfrider man also from the 1920s - 30s
    Malibu Beach set of 10 'lost' original 1940s photographs, each 8" x 10", of 1940s surfboards and surfing
    Original oil paintings by Severson

    Late 1800s to early 1900s books with surfing:

    1946 California Surfriders by Doc Ball
    1935 Hawaiian Surfboard by Tom Blake
    1899 Hawaii
    1901 A Trip to Hawaii
    1900 Kelea the Surfrider

    The most significant vintage surf trophies ever offered at auction:

    Included is a 1930 trophy inscribed to Kahanamoku
    World Champion Nat Young's 1969 trophy
    1970 first place trophy for World Champion Peter Drouyn
    World champion Jimmy Blear's first place World trophy
    A 1940 San Pedro trophy

    Antique Wood Surfboards:

    Early turn-of-the-century boards:

    The finest examples of all original, untouched early Hawaiian wood surfboards to ever reach an auction

    1920s and 30s solid wood surfboards:

    Solid redwood and redwood with balsa surfboards
    Two very rare Hawaiian boards made entirely of balsa

    1930s - 40s surfboards collection:

    A Woody Brown Hotcurl
    A rare Tom Blake - Mitchell 'Hawaiian Surfboard' near mint
    A Tom Blake by Rogers
    A Tom Blake by Catalina
    An unusual experimental Bob Simmons
    And other outstanding solid wood boards from this era.

    1950s balsa surfboards will include:

    An all original Greg Noll
    Original Velzy - Jacobs
    Very rare signed Gordie
    A beautifully crafted Woody Brown
    A near flawless Allen balsa
    Rich Chew's personal balsa board
    A monster balsa by Hobie

    Other balsa boards:

    Bing - Brewer Pipeliner gun
    Diffenderfer gun
    Diffenderfer balsa / redwood

    Vintage 1960's surfboards:

    Greg Noll, Weber, Hobie, Bing, Greek, Con, Hansen, Morey-Pope, Gordie, George Downing, Chuck Dent, Surfboards Hawaii, Brewer, Felker, Interisland, Phil Edwards, Makaha, Hynson, Velzy and Gordon and Smith.

    Big Wave 60s Guns:

    1961 Surfboards Hawaii #64 signed by **** Brewer for Henry Mahi
    1968 Surfboards Makaha 'Tigerstripe' pintail
    1965 - 10' 10" Hobie - Brewer #84
    1966 - 11' 0" Gordie
    1960s - 10' 8" Hobie rhino chaser
    1968 - 10' 0" Greg Noll Surfcenter Hawaii signed

    1960's models include:

    Bing 'Pipeliner' Gun and Standard by Brewer
    Morey-Pope 'AAA Eliminator'
    Greenough - McTavish 'Spoon'
    Velzy 'Bump'
    Hansen '50 / 50'
    Bing 'Nuuhiwa Lightweight' tiger stripes
    Greg Noll ' Da Cat'
    Surfboards Hawaii 'Chivas Monster'
    Con 'Ugly'
    Gordon & Smith 'Hynson HY1'
    Hobie 'Phil Edwards'
    Greg Noll 'Slot Bottom'
    Weber 'Feather'
    Greg Noll 'Bug'
    Gordon & Smith 'Tiger Stipe'
    Hansen 'Lopez'
    Hobie 'Corky Carroll'
    George Downing 'Delux'
    Hobie ' Gary Propper'
    Hansen 'Lightweight'
    Greg Noll 'California'
    Hansen 'Competetor'
    Hobie 'Brewer'
    Greek 'Eliminator'
    Greg Noll 'Infinity'
    Rick 'Barry Kanaiaupuni'
    Hansen 'Superlite'
    An ultra scarce Morey-Pope 'Trisect'
    And more!

    1960s surfing memorabilia:

    Rare Team Clothing:

    A set of 1965 Weber Team shorts & jacket with provenance
    A super rare 60s Duke Invitational team jacket
    A 1964 Hobie Team jacket with provenance
    A rarely seen set of Duke Kahanamoku shoes with the matching shirt.

    Collectibles with four (4) or more items in each lot:

    Surf Patches - Greg Noll, Weber, Hobie, Hansen and many others
    Surf Decals - Con, Phil Edwards, Weber, Jacobs, Greek, Bing, Hobie, Corky Carroll, Greg Noll, Harbor, Ole, Dave Sweet, Wardy, Collier, Matador, Carbonell, Aloha, Hawaii, Rick, Wind an Sea, World Championships, Grannis, and others
    Surfboard price lists - Sweet, Wardy, Ole, Flaherty and Diwain
    Surf company business cards - Sweet, Wardy, Ole
    Surf movie posters - 1966 Endless Summer, 1963 Angry Sea, 1963 Let There Be Surf, 1962 Surfing Hollow Days, 1963 Once Upon A Wave, 1962 Dynamite, 1962 Cavalcade Of Surf, 1958 Slippery When Wet, 1963 Gun Ho, 1963 Ride On The Wild Side, 1968 Moods of Surfing, 1962 10th Annual International Surfing Championships at Makaha, and others
    Surf related albums - a single lot of more than 100 albums!

    Vintage 1970s surfboards:

    Lightning Bolts by Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiupuni, Tom Parrish and Reno Abellira
    Gordon and Smith
    Ocean Pacific
    And others!

    Big wave guns from the 70s:

    Lightning Bolt by Lopez
    Bing 'Eaton' Waimea gun
    Three Lightning Bolts by Parrish, BK and Reno
    Two **** Brewer Pipeliner guns
    Rick 'Barrry Kanaiaupuni
    Interisland - Brewer, Reno Abillera

    Surfboards of particular importance:

    Mark Richards' personal 1977 Lightning Bolt Gun
    Personal Brewer Pipeline gun of Pipe Masters Champ Jeff Crawford
    1943 Woody Brown Hotcurl
    Rich Chew's balsa
    Ultra rare Morey-Pope 'Trisect' * Early Simmons experimental board
    Near mint 1934 Tom Blake 'Hawaiian Surfboard'
    Lighting Bolt by 'Lopez' for film maker John 'Orly' Hitchcock

    For more information visit US Vintage Surf Auction at

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    If only I had kept all my old boards, but what surfer can ever afford that?

    I started with a Royal Hawaiian by Dexter (pop out) then went to a Weber performer, Weber mini-feather, Weber Pig, Weber Ski, Plastic Fantastic swallowtail, Nomad Brewer inspired Mini-Gun, Nectar, Eaton single fin, Channin thruster, Ashton longboard x 2, and now a Channin Mini-Longboard. Coulda, woulda, shoulda kept them all. Oh well, maybe in the next lifetime.

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    where can we see pics of the boards? couldn't find them on your site.

    want to see that spoon.
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