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    Spring Depression...

    has begun. We all know our little winter nor-easters are coming to an end and the dog days are getting closer and closer. Hot-flat-june and july are almost here. WOOHOO, I love it! Nobody is posting threads and it seems like everyone is outside instead of on their computers. So what does a person who likes to surf do when there is no surf? Wait...that would mean 98% of the year! I think he or she might post threads on swellinfo or, when the weather gets nicer, go outside and play. Does anyone on this web page paddle, yak, row, swim, run? If so, check out this is what serious watermen get into when there is no waves...which is about everyday if you are from the right-coast!

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    we still have a ways before the east coast summer pattern sets in.

    Spring usually provides some solid swells. I think the main factor in Spring is that the offshore wind shift isn't as reliable as the winter frontal systems. Overall, I'd say this winter was a weak one, so hopefully spring comes through.
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    I hear ya Oblove... yr right about getting out there nonetheless, I believe the more you are in the ocean, the better you get to know it, and in return the more knowledgeable you become about it. I swim and paddle regularly, and outside of the water, skateboard. So thanks for the site, I'll check it out.

    This past summer my friend found an old rescue board on the beach abondoned. It served as a great way to get out and paddle during flat spells and we both used it regularly. Then we did something stupid... the thing was so big we just started leaving it by the dunes (after the tourists left, when winter was kicking in). Well before one of the few really big swells we got we apparently left it too far from the dunes, and in the morning the thing was buried. That was the last time either of us saw the thing. We were both really disappointed, and I'm still kicking myself for my laziness. We def. didn't realize how much fun it was just take that thing out for a paddle... It was really fun while it lasted and I plan on getting another one before the summer comes, but this time its getting stored at my HOUSE!!