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Thread: nc/va border

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    Thumbs down who cares

    Buddy, why waste your time the waves suck up there. The sand bars are shallow and it is always smaller than places south.

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    Do I know you Kbait?

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    Yes Mlp

    What up Mlp, You know me, Somtimes I just get fired up when I read complete nonesense on the web. I mean who really gives a Sh__. This guy lives in SD and he's wondering about the Va coastline. Somtimes I just get annoyed, I am truly sorry. This thread can be hard to swallow at times.

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    Haha. You should've chimmed in when I was sticking up for the banks over SD. I know you feel the same way...

    Welcome to the forum bra.

    Disco Thurs.

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    I am not sure if there are still land mines in the area or not but I do know it could be possible because a couple years back, two "treasure hunters" landed there boat on a penninsula in Hampton Virginia and got blown to bits and died.

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    hahahaha. see told ya. Ya I told my mom i was gonna go check out the waves down there one time and she just freaked. She told me I would probably get blown to bits by landmines, and she has lived in VB/Sandbridge for her whole life, so i believed her. So take it from my mom, a long time VB local, that their are landmines down there.

    And plus whoever said the surf is crappy there is right. You would be much better off just going down to pea island. If an uncrowded peak is all your lookin 4, you can always find one there.