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    Renting or Bringing a Board

    I am headed to Ecuador in March and am debating bringing my own board or renting down there. Any suggestions? Also which airlines are reasonable about bringing a board and which ones are bastards? Thanks.

    PS if anyone has been down there before - did you like it?

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    I've never been to equador... but I would base it on the availability of boards down there. Do a bit of research to find out the shops that will be able to rent you boards, and what kind of supply they have.

    Personally, i never like leaving my trusty boards when I'm on trips.

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    Always bring your own boards on a surf trip. Spend your time surfing and learning a new break instead of learning a new board at a new break where you'll only spend a limited amount of time in the water.

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    I think that's good advice. True of anywhere except for maybe Costa Rica, which has plenty of places that'll have "your board".

    As for airlines, yer screwed. American goes to Ecuador and I don't believe they've gone as high as United and Delta, which are 175 each way, but is at 150. Continental is stil at 95, in theory.

    good luck and report back on ecuador!