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    Archived Surf Data

    Is there anywhere I can find archived swell data for any given day in the NJ area?.. I'm talking going as far back as 2006 or 2007. Magicseaweed doesn't cut it. Their swell records don't match up with mine.

    The reason I ask is because I keep a surf log of every sesh but I have a few days written down back from 2006 and 2007 that I have hazy memories of and I want to find the swell direction.. etc etc.

    Idk.. it's probably too much to ask for.
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    Find the buoy for your area and check out the historical data. Chances are it will not have directional swell data like most of the west coast buoys, but a few do (e.g.,

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    looks like the Stevens Instutute buoys at Avalon, and Long Beach Island have data archived back as far as 2006. Wave height and period - not direction.

    Click this link

    Then click the data visualization link on the left side of the page and enter the time period you want. Looks like you can get a spreadsheet or plot it on a graph by the hour. Pretty nice, and since their nearshore, its more representative of surf conditions than the NOAA buoys.

    BTW, this Corps of Engineers website has wave height, period and wave direction for several nearshore buoys in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and elsewhere going back many years.
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    Thanks a lot guys. The surfline module seems like it's pretty much on the same page with my hazy memories.