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    Surfboard Project

    Heres the story.

    My woodshop/design class is letting us freeroam and make something. I want to make a surfboard. I want to make a roundish WOOD 6'3''ish egg type board with a single fin.

    I am running into problems.

    I need to put the wood together and make a blank. Then shape it with different sanding. Then get someone to eventually glass it.

    I have heard balsa and basswood are good. Balsa is hard to workwith and basswood is light still but stronger.

    Does anybody have recomendations on types of wood to use and WHERE TO GET IT.

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    balsa wood in thin layers would be the best bet and where to get it...your school should supply it for you and if not homedepot but it is kinda expensive.

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    I am also making a wooden surfboard, i have been a custom woodworker for a while now and found lumber distributors to be the best for the woods your looking for. Where are you located, because i know of many distributors.

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    I have no idea where to get the wood, but if you make a wooden board you should really consider glassing it yourself. It's easier than building the board, and since it's all about the learning paying a glasser is typically going to cost you over $200, and thats for a normal foam board.

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    Yea, can you hit me up with some of those distributers. I live in Pa.
    It'll be a lil cheaper because im makin a shorter board.

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    thats sick dude. I was trying to do the same thing. I used cad in my school to design a fish but I've had neither any time nor money to begin working on it at all. I wanted to try to find some renewable materials such as hemp instead of poly and this new type of foam which can be put back into the environment (called texfoam? I think?)

    I too was looking into shaping with balsa wood (which is really strong) but my main concern is the money for sure. Balsa is pretty good wood to use because there is a large supply in central and south america or so my teacher told me. Maybe try eliminating the middle man and buying it straight from factories that produce the wood and the price could be reduced if possible. I'm not really sure how this whole industry works, but just a thought.

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    Thats what ive been trying to do. The sites are so confusing and dont give much info. You cant just buy lumber. Most balsa is for those dumb airplanes. I am willing to spend 400. No more.

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    this guy seems like a legit balsa board builder haha...but it does give the whole process of how he builds his boards and the wood he uses...the wood looks like it can be bout right form a lumber yard just pick good peices.