Podcast 23 online

First segment sound not great, little tinny, but gets better after 6/7 minutes


00:00 Intro - Pissed Nun

00:30 Glenn Hening Pt 1
Early Years, Heroes, Da Cat. Competitive Surfing Days, UCLA
Australia, Awakening, a change in direction.
Teaching and Life in Central America / El Salvador
Motivation. Paradise Lost. Another direction. Surfing Sense

06:46 Benjy Ferree - Hollywood Sign

10:23 Glenn Hening Pt 2
Foundation of Surfrider Foundation. Carson, Pratt, Woods.
Reasons and Realization
JPL Labs. Reo - Groundswell society. Sharing the Stoke of Surfing

15:45 Ben Westbeech -I feel so good today.
from the new debut Album - Welcome to the best days of your life

18:33 Gordon Forbes (at last) from Granite Reef Surfshop
Revamp of Scottish Surfing Federation, developments and plans

22:23 Glenn Henning Pt 3
Waves of Warning - going out on a limb
Human values vs Wall Street
Corporate mentalities - Surf industry/Garment industry
Against the odds or turning the tide?
Outsourcing, Marketing, Moral considerations.

27:56 Colin Giles Cool your Jets

31:06 offer

31:30 Glenn Henning Pt 4
Experimenting with Media, Independent internet sites beacons
SASIC conferences. Chris Hynes Eden Project, similar conference.
Reasons and Results.
With everything Where do you get time to surf?
Any Regrets?

36:11 Outro Time Hoots. Spread the word.
Surf Reporters Interested?

38:24 Collage Beer Credits