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Hey gus, so now I'm in a dilemma about getting a new board. I'm thinking about a 6'6" X 20.5 X 2.5 squash tail. I weigh about 200, 5'9" tall. How much of a difference do you think a 6'8" X 21.25 X 2.375 swallow tail will make? I'm keeping my 8' board, so this new one is really for the days where it's chest to head. But I want to make sure that this board will float me on the smaller days as well. Any thoughts between these two options? Also, the 6'8" is a Ron Jon. Anyone know anything about these boards?

If you're getting a fish, you can use it and have fun from thigh-high up, you don't have to wait for chest to head-high to break it out (that's when you break out the shortboard)