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Thread: Surf Injuries

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    Chaffing?? I just cover the whole area with vasoline before I get in. A nice big handful lasts all day

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    Got sliced on forehead under water from fins, decided to glue it up instead of getting stiches so didn't heal as well. But now when I'm underwater I always try to cover my face at least because if the board, nose, or fins catch you underwater it will most likely do damage. Some things cant get out of the way from especially falling trying to do a trick but at least underwater can quickly adjust and protect face sometimes.

    Had prior shoulder injury from lifting at gym not surf related, but have a anterior superior labrum tear. It's small and surgeon couldnt even see it from MRI pics. But it hurt like hell for a good 6 months with discomfort at night and certain movements.

    After surfing, the shoulder still gets pretty sore depending on how rigorous the session was but bunch of advil works like magic with bad shoulder. Plus, have to do certain excercises to strengthen the shoulder which is key.

    Other then that just your typical bruises/cuts from landing on board or fins or eating it bad.

    Gotta say, have surfed reefs but havent had any problems since the water wasnt too shallow and wasnt pumping for airs--so props to the dudes pulling these off in shallow reef.

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    i had my knee pop out while playing soccer and until this winter didnt give me any problems. then i went over the falls and stuck in the sand like a lawn dart. it was the worst i have ever twisted. finished the session but wasnt back in until 3 weeks later.

    2 seperated collarbones, 1 broken collarbone, 1 shattered collarbone. 3 were right at the beginning of winter so i didnt miss much. 1 was in may and i was told not to surf until august. i laughed at him and was back june. no problems yet

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    Lower back usually kills it for me. as far as chafing, I use the Oneil undershorts and never have problems (under the boardshorts)

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    had a disc pop out on me a few years back. now it will every now and again. pretty serious pain, and it has just started to bother me due to alot of lifting at work (construction-framing). disc problems suck.

    last winter I also caught the lip of a bomber on the back of my knee. stopped me in my tracks. couldn't really walk for a coupla days, but never went to get it checked out. that still bothers me too.

    as far as the chaif situation, I got a pair of oniel silky boxer type things that are awesome, never had a problem after I got them.

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    For you guys with chaff problems, I started wearing a pair of speedos under my board shorts when on long trips in the tropics and have never had a problem since. You can surf all day everyday with no problem at all. Just don't forget to wear board shorts on top

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    - A couple of stingers on over the falls head plants on some o/h surf in PR shallow breaks

    - Nasty head plant on the shallow sandbar at the Hatteras Lighthouse (freak accident to avoid colliding with a novice kuke longboarder walking his board out and then turning it parallel with the breaking wave) - scariest accident of them all and it happened in just 3' surf

    - Contacted Hep A at Hospital/Horseshoe in La Jolla - nastiest experience for 3 solid weeks

    - Nasty infection from a small reef cut on the waist in PR back in 1970

    - A couple of very close calls to the eyes and nuts - thankfully no real damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    dislocated shoulder... not fun.

    I originally dislocated my shoulder snowboarding. Once, it comes out, its easier for it to come out again and again as the ligaments are stretched out. Once it just came out as, I was paddling for a wave.

    Anyway, having my shoulder come out while wearing a 5mm suit sucked... Kept me out of the water for extended periods of time from healing and surgeries.

    A couple surgeries later, my shoulder doesn't come out anymore, but I also have reduced range of motion.
    try having a knee dislocate when going for a floater that sucks kept me out for a long time and put me on crutches for a while. finally try having a torn akelis tendon that hasnt fully healed yet and it happened a year ago.the reason i dont get surgery on the ankle is im too young (15 about to be 16) to have the surgery dine and it would take to long as in rehab. so when i surf i just wear an ace bandage thats wrapped up really tight around the ankle so it doesnt hurt.

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    I torn my rotator cuff may 2, 2007 while surfing. It kept me out of the water for a goo 9 months. I don't know about anyone else but when I tore mine I could not lift my elbow over my shoulder (no way I could paddle). If you are looking for a surgon in Ocean County you might want to check out Dr. Stamos at Brielle Ortho by the Brick Hospital (alot of guys I know including me had rotator cuff surgery by him).
    I also have herniated disc in my lower back from skating and snowboarding, that bother my from time to time.

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    Ripped off my big toe tail, concussion from a paddle board to the head leading to a black out, and the tail hit me right square in the ass once. I consider myself lucky...