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Thread: Surf Injuries

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    my dad stepped off his board right next to me, and it shot right into my face. Lots of blood
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    I had the full surgery..three pins and all that fun stuff..Then ended up playing football after the surgery and took a good shot and knew it was time to hang it up. The best advice I will give you is do the PT and work hard at it..You will gain back most if not all your range of motion, but don't rush it. As for if your big into lifting give it like 5-6 months before you really get back into it...I used to lift a lot of shoulder stuff and took me about 2 more years to get back to where I was when I went in for surgery. As for bodyboarding with it pinned..its all good occasionally will hit the bottom and you will know which one is your bad one but nothing super bad...Dont over do it too soon, best advice to give you...Good luck with it

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    hey guys i have been suffering through a dislocated knee sports injury. the injury happend almost 2 months ago and i have been doing pt for ever. well what my question is if any of you had dislocated the pattela and after pt the knee is still in pain did your doctor do surgery on it? the reason i ask this is my orthopedic sent me for an mri and i was wondering if any of you had experienced this same type of injury and had to get surgery done on it. any help would be very appreciated.

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    srry man wish i could help you...
    but to add to the injury list, i just recently got back in the water earlier this week after a month on crutches, sprained ankle, it sucks cause i cant plant my front foot hard when i drop in, and when i try to do some turns its pointless...i hate not being able to carve but im glad im back in the water, pt 2x a day, i love it...