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Thread: vb today?

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    vb today?

    today I was checkin all the surf reports on surfline for vb. the 1st street webcams showed like 20 heads on it. that is quite the cold water winter crowd!

    did anyone go out today. it looked like some decent sneaker sets out there, but crowded as hell!

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    yep i did north end of the pier and drifted a few streets. only one other guy out. it was fun as hell!! pretty windy and funky though. can't wait for tomorrow!

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    i paddled out at 1st street around 2:30ish as soon as i got out of class and it was going off! it was a little sloppy but when you caught a wave, there was tons of rooms to play on the could ride it from the end of the rocks to shore. i'm def. going out tom. morning!

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    today was by far the best sesh ive had all winter..every now and then you can tuck right in a hallow one even though the backwash was killing some of the waves during late aft at croatan I smiled from ear to ear and the fact that it was around 62 degrees made it bare able to stay out there for 3 1/2 hours with my 3mm booties