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    beach replenishment has ruined many breaks in cape may too

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    I know this thread is kinda dead but thought I would post a few ground shots from the early 80's of 1st Jetty (bottom most jetty in the old birds eye view of Sandy Hook). The first shot is of a pretty big day, maybe head high or so. Sandy Hook never got as big as other spots further south and I don't think I ever surfed it bigger than head to overhead but it was so good. I paddled out here after taking this picture and to me at the time it seemed gigantic . The second shot is of a smaller day same spot about waist to chest. Look at the length of those lines for such a small wave. FYI on the big day there were no more than 5 guys out, and on the smaller day there were 3 total including me. This was on the cusp of surfing going mainstream after the sleepy period of the 70's.