...but I love it! Fighting over a "Gay lifeguard?" Wow. You lifeless people. I get paid $15.00 per hour. I check the surf all day. I am in better shape then anyone on this forum. I will pull in deeper then you. I get paid to compete. I get paid to train. I get paid to surf. I get paid to surf. I get paid to be on the ocean all day. But of course, I chose a beach that allows for such an experience. The shoobies and kooks is what gives ME THE GREATEST JOB EVER! If everyone ripped like you pacsun posers that talk SH!T all day there would be no need for the fittest babysitters one can find! Lifeguarding looks good on the resume. It says more then you will ever know. You don't have to guard to be a watermen...but it can introduce the right variables if you are in with the right crew. Most of the Delaware crews have it down. Some still suck. I know some Jersey crews who play host to some of the best surfers on the east coast. Whatch your mouths people. You never know when you will need a lifeguard. Every one's time WILL COME!