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    Sep 2008

    making your own board

    Has anyone attempted to make their own board before? If so, out of a blank or did you attempt to carve one out of wood?

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    Oct 2008
    I got the beginner kit from Greenlight. It came with a 6-6 blank, epoxy, bamboo cloth, and all the other stuff to make the board. Also came with most of the tools needed and 5 dvds with instructions. The instructions are very helpful. You can print out planshapes and fin templates, etc. from their website. The blank is eps. Shaping was easier than I thought. Laminating with the bamboo cloth was kind of tricky. The whole process is kind of messy, but that's part of the fun.

    I am almost finished with the board and hope to splash it next weekend. It has turned out okay, but during the process, I realized that there are things I could do better on the next one. And yes I do plan to continue making boards--it's fun and pretty satisfying.

    If you have a wife and cats, do your shaping in the garage, not the basement. The cats like to roll in the foam dust and when it gets on the furniture, the wife tends to get upset.