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    help with cocoa beach questions..

    Hey going to be in cocoa beach for a few days in march..I had 2 questions..first off, I was wondering..if there ends up being any decent waves while im there, where the best/cheapest place I can go for a board rental..also, I have surfed in 50 degree water temps before, however, i was wondering,even with the water so warm there..if the air temp is only in upper 60`s-low 70`s..would a 3/2 suite be neccasry to bring? any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks alot.

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    i would bring a three two.

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    Depends on how long you plan to surf. To be safe, bring a 3/2 if you're gonna be out for much more than an hour. And a decent top, if you have one.

    I think there's gonna be waves on Wednesday and Thursday. It looks like Thursday is going to be clean, chest-to-shoulder high. As for later than that, its hit or miss.

    As for board rental, there's a ton of shops. Just look once you get there. I have no idea about how much it costs.

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    hey thanks alot..ok will deff bring the 3/2