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    Wanted- 7 to 7'4 funshape

    Looking for a good used funshape 7' to 7' 4"

    Let me know what u got. thx

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    I've got a 7'4 WRV that's in pretty good shape. If you've got $200, it's your's.

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    I live in Frederick, MD and have a 7'2'' Tim Bessell performance funboard that is in decent shape and would sell for $225 including a new boardbag. I bought it for $225 a year ago without the bag and only surfed on it 3 times. I'm only willing to sell it though if I can find someone with a decent 8'6'' to 9' longboard/mini-mal <$300. I'm just not experienced enough to do very well on the 7'2'' and miss alot of waves I paddle in for. I've watched other, more experienced surfers use my board and rip on it. They love it!