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    Top 3 Spring Break, Party and Surf Destinations

    Kalen Foley breaks down his top 3 Spring Break Destinations that you are going to want your board.

    This thread is a Discussion in response to the following Swellinfo news Article

    This article was submitted to the Swellinfo Surf News section on March 7, 2009

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    anyone have a spring break destination?

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    News outlets don't have much to talk about - It seems to me like they blow everything out of proportion.

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    I went to cancun 5 years ago for spring break, needless to say I lived like a rockstar for a week, didn't sleep much, boze, women, etc. I didn't expect waves so I didn't bring a board. One day we went to this beach behind "The City" nightclub. It was beautiful, shoulder high and glassy beachbreak with a lot of power. I ended up renting a beat up bodyboard from a guy for $10. I wish i hadn't been on such a binge that week because I didn't have much gas left in the tank. i was noodle armed and puking in 45 minutes. Also if you walk to the right a short distance there is a nice wave that breaks below some rock cliffs. This spot was packed with local BB'ers, i didn't go out there but sat on the cliff and watched below for a while. E
    Even if this spot is flat there is a flowrider up near the club which is pretty fun. I could tell stories for weeks of that trip but it was sweet, I recommend it and definitely do some snorkeling while you're down there

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    headed to rincon, pr march 16 for the week...should be good times with plenty of waves

    then goin to nicaragua from april 1-15.

    then back to good ole OCMD lol

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    I went to Cabo for my bachelor party and had a great time. Surfed Zippers, near Costa Azul, which is a good surfshop. Here is my trip report. Where to eat, drink and get dirty. Also where to surf.