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    Lifeguards Wanted!

    I am looking for qualified lifeguards for a Delaware Beach. You must be able to RUN 400 meters & SWIM 500 yards "combined" under 10 minutes. If you are interested, please write me a private message. Surfers, bodyboarders and watermen welcomed!

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    How much does it pay?

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    is this a joke 500 yards you can swim 5 football fields in 10 minutes

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    no its not a joke. I swim, i dont do distance in the meets but i can still go a 5:50 in the 500 yrd freestyle. My neighbor who swims for the same high school as me got down to
    4:58 and he was only like 7th in the state

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    No jokes please!

    Mexsurfer, I am not sure if your quote is a joke and I am not sure if I am taking it the wrong way? 5 football fields is roughly a 500. Most of the decent lifeguards (upper 50 %) swim between 5-6 minutes for a 500. That is ONLY a prerequisite for an acceptance of your application. I just tested 5 local high school athletes. All five athletes were accepted for an interview. Their combined times (1 lap around a track and 500 swim back to back) were ALL between 6:00 and 8:15. This does not mean you are good in the ocean. It just means you have something we can work on to build. If you have a video resume that shows you in conditions and handling well at pipe, puerto or something substantial we can also use that as prerequisite. Watermen are always excepted first. Any takers? Let me know. Pay starts @ 11.00 and negotiable.

    Quote Originally Posted by mexsurfer View Post
    is this a joke 500 yards you can swim 5 football fields in 10 minutes
    p.s.: A decent rescue in average 4 foot storm surf takes approximately 10 minutes. That is why many lifeguard agencies on the east coast use this as a starting point! Delaware rescues generally last about 2-4 minutes i.e. the shore break. That is friendlier to sprinters but it's not a worse case scenario.

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    What beach

    What beach are you talking about?

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    jokes...i get jokes

    1) Five football fields is 120 yards long from end the endzone to end of the endzone
    2) A video resume for an $11.00 hr lifegaurding job in DE, of handling conditions in "something substantial" as PR or pipeline?? are you serious? Its DE come on, most of the people that work in NJ/NY and OCMD are not waterman/women and most never will be, but they are still competent enough to manage gaurding the waters of the mid/atlantic states. not to mention most are HS or college kids and are either burnt or to hungover to function day in day out because they are lifegaurds and are enjoying the easy life. I feel you are making out to be something it isnt.

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    1. Sussex County DE and Monmouth County NJ have respectably placed 2nd or 3rd nearly every year for the past 10 years in the National Lifesaving Championships. To say there is no watermen/woman is a joke.

    2. Looking for highly qualified lifeguards is better then looking for under qualified lifeguards wouldn't you say? Did you want me to say, "Ok you tree hugging hippies, let’s buckle down and roast out on the beach this summer and get paid for an easy gig?" Sounds pretty dumb.

    3. A video resume may mean a video of you surfing. Some people are quite capable of saving someone in the ocean but may not be able to swim500/run400 combined under 10 minutes. But rather, they can handle themselves in big surf. I agree with you there NJsurf4, maybe not pipe but some sizable surf for sure!

    4. The reason I posted on this forum is to attract surfers because I believe they understand the ocean more then a "pool swimmer" might.

    5. What is wrong with $11 an hour and negotiable per experience? 29% of all teens and college aged students will be un-employed the next 6 months. That is an actual statistic. I am only helping some kids out.

    6. I would love for you to train with my crew for a day in DE. I believe the term "Watermen" would be an understatement.

    7. I guess you are not interested? I am only trying to find some Watermen and help a brother out! Take care...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Bateman View Post
    How much does it pay?
    "Hey Halberstram, how the heck are ya?"

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    ok ok ok

    I understand your reasoning for putting the ad on this forum, it only makes sense to hire or want to choose a new hire from a pool of people that have experience surfing and with the ocean. But most surfers hate lifegaurds because they are regarded as the fun police, always telling you what not to do and where not to be, when in fact they really dont know whats going on. And I know that monmouth county and DE have some of the top competive lifegaurds in the nation, but some of them are just ridic. good athletes, but couldnt tell you what will happen when the wind blows west for 3 days straight or why the water is the temp. it is on any given day or identify a single marine animal. I gaurded for years with plenty of kids who could destroy people swimming running rowing paddling but couldnt do any of those things in 4' plus waves. And that is only a small handful of the 1000's of gaurds that work the coast lines. You can help some of the kids out by not giving them a job but helping to do something to increase the rate of pay for lifegaurds. It is ludacris to pay a kid 11 an hour to risk his or hers life. To sit in the sun on a daily basis is a health risk alone. The poor pay rate of guards in the NJ is mind boggling you have to pay to get on every single beach in this state, the only state in all of north america (beside state and nat. parks) As a former competive lifegaurd myself I would love to come train with your crew, those were the days and I do miss them. But, like most people that guarded I have moved on. I didnt mean to bash you want ad, I just thought the video resume part and the pipeline comment were a little off. You cant expect the cream of the crop of surfers/swimmers to come work for that payrate nor should you have to. I am glad to see a person in charge of hiring gaurds that is more interested in their ability to function in the ocean when needed rather than their times in a pool or track. Train people to be good watermen/women, find good athletes that are smart and train them about the ocean, please dont just groom them to compete. Competition for guarding is all good and fun, but doesnt teach you a damn thing about saving someones life. dont put an ad looking for the next mitch buchanan, you only going to find a handful of tools